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Wedgewood Integrated Investments Limited is full-service engineering company established to deliver quality, sustainable and cutting-edge solution in Civil Engineering, Environmental Remediation and Industrial Facilities Management.

Established in 2013, the company has grown to become a leading engineering company underpinned by a foundation of excellence and quality service execution. We focus on exceeding our client’s expectations throughout every step of project process – from conception & feasibility to handover. No two projects are ever the same, each one presenting their own unique set of challenges, complexities & requirements. It is our approach and understanding of these that truly sets us apart and has formed the backbone of our continued success.

Our commitment to the highest levels of corporate responsibility are applied to all the work we do – whether we are constructing highways, delivering environmental clean-up solutions or installing complex industrial equipment and systems. We have a proven track record that clearly demonstrates exceptional performance throughout all departments of our organization & ultimately very satisfied clients. Our local and international network of partners enables us to mobilise large numbers of trained personnel and equipment to meet our customers’ demands at short notice wherever they may be and to exceed our customers’ expectations.



We foster loyalty by investing in client relationship management and innovation. We provide premium quality services to our clients with the hope of exceeding their expectations. We do this through a range of innovative business models which allow us to tailor our services to the needs of each client. We have built a strong reputation for commitment, delivery and operational excellence. Our Client base cut across governmental Institution, Corporate bodies and Private individuals.



We are committed to conducting our operations in an environmentally responsible manner. We understand that our activities can interact with the natural environment in many ways and recognizes that our long-term success depends upon achieving high standards of environmental performance. Our operations meet and exceed the Industry required environmental standards and our specialty in environmental remediation puts us at an extra advantage.



We strive to support the people living in the community where we work. Corporate Social Responsibility is a key part of our approach to business. We manage our business with due regard to the community’s best interests and are committed to being recognized as a good corporate citizen and neighbour. We strive to involve locals in our projects without compromising standards and safety.