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Wedgewood deliver services on environmental remediation, pollution control and waste management. Having access to natural resources – land, water and forest – as well as their appropriate use and protection has been the underlying factor contributing towards ecologically sustainable livelihood all over the world. In the recent past, however, a series of changes at the local, regional, national and global levels in environmental conditions have adversely affected livelihood security of various communities. Large corporations and mining companies in their resource extraction and deforestation are contributing directly to loss of livelihoods, displacement from traditional lands and climate change.

At Wedgewood, we help governments, corporate and community-based organizations to mitigate
+ carbon and greenhouse gases emission
+ Environmental Disasters
+ Oil & Hazzardous Chemical Spillages
+ Erosion
+ Desertification
+ Flooding

With innovative technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, We have the capacity to undertake any environmental and pollution remediation project. Our team experts with vast experiences in environmental studies, management and cleanup. Our services include, but not limited to:

+ Environmental Baseline Studies
+ Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
+ Post Impact Assessment (PIA)
+ Environmental Evaluation Reports (EER)
+ Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Mapping
+ Waste Segregation/Disposal
+ Pollution and Disaster Control & Remediation
+ Environmental Auditing and Monitoring
+ Landscaping & Horticultural services
+ Drainage and Sewage works
+ Civil Engineering & Groundwork
+ Analytical Laboratory Services
+ Rehabilitation of pollution and disaster impacted sites
+ Oil spill clean-up